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Family counseling

Education, therapy and support for the family of the patient is an integral component of our program at Affinity. In order to provide effective comprehensive mental health, treatment must address the relationships and environment the patient originates from. We understand that mental illness can be an incredibly stressful challenge for a family to endure. Often times when patients arrive at Affinity Treatment Center in Vista, California, the families are also in need of assistance and support to help them heal and learn to better support their loved one.

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Psychiatric care and medication management

It is vital to successful treatment that patients’ medications are carefully prescribed and closely monitored. The first step in stabilization is to determine the most effective medication, what medications work best together and which will provide the most effective reduction in symptoms for this particular patient. It is extremely important to consider the medications' side effects and if the patient is able to tolerate them. What works for one patient may not be effective for someone else.  It takes an expert psychopharmacologist to understand each patient’s unique brain chemistry and to determine the appropriate, therapeutic dosage for optimal results.  

Our expert psychopharmacologists consider every aspect of our patient’s conditions

Patient history is vitally important and families can provide valuable information that will be used in this process. It is always helpful to obtain information concerning previous treatments and services that have been provided to the patient and their ultimate outcome. The patient, the patient's family, social workers, former psychologists, former medical doctors and the team at Affinity Treatment Centers will all work together to produce an accurate assessment. Only then will we be able to recommend the best therapies and services for the resident. Careful observation by our live-in staff and assurance that the resident is taking the medications as prescribed, will insure the efficacy of the psychiatric treatments being administered. Our expert psychopharmacologists consider every aspect of our patient’s conditions including but not limited to complications related to thyroid conditions, hormonal fluctuations, and other potential medical interactions.


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