Small & Large Mental Health Group Therapy

Small & Large Group Therapy - Affinity Treatment Centers

Group therapy is profoundly helpful for many people struggling with substance abuse. It is particularly valuable in situations where substance addiction and mental health diagnoses occur at the same time – known as dual diagnosis.

At Affinity Treatment Centers, we offer two distinct kinds of group therapy. Therapy complements other treatment approaches by putting patients in an environment where others share similar perspective and experiences.

Used judiciously, group therapy supports the addiction sufferer in developing emotional resilience. Connecting with a community of like-minded people delivers the unique chance to support others and be supported. Our FAQ includes more information.

Our group therapy offerings include:

Small Group Therapy For Mental Health Treatment

Small group therapy usually consists of a group no larger than eight participants: In fact, there is usually three to five. This gives each person a great opportunity to listen, speak, and be heard on topics that are important to him or her. Small group participants share their triumphs and get deep insights into what’s working for others who are walking a similar path.

In a small group session, participants generally have more time to learn from their peers and build friendships that will last beyond the treatment period. They also get a chance to interact with the therapist or other session moderator for longer periods of time. This can aid reflection and the development of “a-ha” moments that accelerate recovery.

Large Group Sessions For Mental Health Treatment

Many people come into large group sessions with concerns that they might be slow-paced or boring. At Affinity Treatment Centers, we design our large group sessions to be exciting and relevant to each participant – so you can get the most from every moment spent.

Large group sessions are in place to help with problems that are common to a wider spectrum of our participants. Large group sessions can be anywhere from 10 to 30 people depending on the specific details, and not everyone always speaks at each session.

The large sessions are good for celebrating major milestones and preparing you for common elements of the treatment journey. There are many opportunities to reflect, journal and bring up new ideas from large group sessions in the small group meetings.

Benefit from Group Therapy and More at Affinity Treatment Centers

If you want to incorporate the best group therapy in Vista, CA, into your healing journey, the team at Affinity Treatment Centers is here to help. We develop a personalized plan of treatment for individuals in our intensive residential programs and our short-term treatment programs.

A drug-free future requires quality care and complete support from people who understand, and we offer the mental health services Vista, CA, trusts. Don’t walk the path alone: Contact us at Affinity Treatment Centers to take your step forward.