Recreational & Art Therapy

The Affinity mental health philosophy incorporates many alternative treatments. We believe it is essential to help people understand all their San Diego mental health treatment options – including the best ways to build emotional resiliency and new coping mechanisms in their lives.

Affinity is among the top holistic treatment centers thanks to our complete spectrum of treatment modalities. We are particularly proud of our many artistic therapy and music therapy treatment options, which can help patients communicate more clearly and tap their own inner depths.

Recreational & Art Therapy - Affinity Treatment Centers

Let’s explore the topic:

Art Therapy

Art therapy has been demonstrated to have incredible benefits in a variety of situations. In particular, it has been useful for combat veterans, disaster victims and abuse sufferers who have developed PTSD. This is because it provides unique, new ways for sufferers to get in touch with their own feelings and express what they have not been able to say in words – perhaps for years.

This kind of therapy does not require any kind of formal art experience or training. Instead, it connects our residents with a number of different art and sculpting resources and a supportive environment for exploration. There is no “right or wrong,” but therapy sessions are always facilitated by an expert in the field to make them as helpful and engaging as they can be for everyone involved.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is another powerful healing technique that relies upon the creative impulse inside each person. In many cases, people with mental illness or addiction issues are encouraged to suppress their imaginations. Music therapy allows them to reduce stress and channel creative urges in new ways – each session blends auditory exploration and kinesthetic release.

Like other forms of expressive therapy, musical therapy isn’t about technical excellence on any one instrument – although patients can choose to make an instrument part of their lifestyle if they wish. Instead, it is about reconnecting with your own identity and demonstrating that you can create things, both alone and in a group, that you may never have imagined before.

Artistic Therapy is Just One Option at Affinity Treatment Centers

At Affinity, our intensive residential and outpatient programs allow patients to benefit from a wide range of different treatments. Residents experience a structured, yet liberating schedule of multiple different approaches – and therapy using art is a universal favorite.

Affinity Treatment Centers is one of the top residential treatment centers for depression in California. We offer art therapy San Diego residents can truly benefit from. One secret to our success is our dedication to personalized treatment plans for each individual.

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