LENS Anonymous Patient

LENS Anonymous Patient

What I do is so unique we utilize a multiple approach to healing. Using EMDR to reduce nightmares, flashbacks and many other symptoms around trauma. I was astounded by the power and effectiveness of the LENS EEG system by Oshslabs, Inc. seeing results in 2-3 sessions. I use it both alone and in conjunction with psychotherapy with uniformly positive results. I love being part of the effectiveness and increased therapeutic results that the LENS offers. And best yet this is only a few great tool I use to help you achieve your goals which here at Affinity.
— Walter P Martin, MA, LMFT

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Going to Affinity was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Provide affirmative care for trans folks that addresses the specific health needs that can often go overlooked by those who don’t work in the LGBT community. The smaller group setting and upscale locations provided a more intimate environment that made me feel safe and part of a family. The skills I learned after 2 months have influenced almost every part of my personal and professional life today. I was absolutely terrified of returning to a life in the fast lane but now I wake up eager to make my own road.

— anonymous patient

Walter Martin, MA, LMFT our Clinical Director has a long history helping in the LGBTQ community. He finds that LGBTQ are people from all storks, doctor’s, teacher’s, mother’s and artist’s. Great people but people overall who do not want to be treated differently for loving who they love. Be happy they they have found happiness. I have seen couples who have been together for more then 20 years with deep love for one another. For example, I had a female couple, one a nurse, and the other a doctor who both had kids and marriages prior to them coming out and meeting each other which began a wonderful living chapter to there life. They struggle like any couple. They enjoy being them self. Find joy in the ability to be out to there friends and family, and not pretend to be something they are not. Transgender people may avoid seeking care due to prior discrimination or disrespect in a clinic setting. Providing a safe, welcoming and culturally appropriate environment is essential to insure that transgender people not only seek care, but return for follow-up.

Cultural humility: is a concept through which individuals recognize that their own experiences or identities may not project onto the experiences or identities of others. Each patient should be approached as an individual with no preconceptions. Individual preferences of terminology, complex or novel gender identities, and differing desires for gender affirming treatments will be encountered daily in the clinic. Meeting patients "where they are" without judgment or editorializing (including in some cases, even positive remarks about appearance) will enhance the patient-provider relationship and avoids the perception of stigma or pathologization.

Some issues for transgender people are parallel to those of LGB people. For example, transgender people go through a coming out process of self-awareness of transgender identity and disclosure to others. Like coming out for LGB people, this process is often lifelong. And like coming out for LGB people, transgender people can have awareness of gender dysphoria or gender difference from a very early age, or come to that awareness later in life.

Another commonality between LGB and transgender individuals is the experience of discrimination and bias. Transgender adults may be even more at risk for violence than LGB adults, and gender-atypical children and adolescents, whether gay or not, transgender or not, are at the highest risk of bullying.
— Walter P Martin, MA, LMFT