Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program near San Diego

Affinity Treatment Center’s outpatient program is designed for individuals who have completed residential treatment but require continued support from our staff and treating psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen Singer. Our Intensive Outpatient Program is a step down from residential living and aims to provide patients with the coping strategies and self-care skills required for successful independent living.


Our Intensive Outpatient Program eases the transition after treatment

Life after treatment for a mental, emotional or personality disorder is different for everyone. Some patients feel excited about beginning their new lives, while others are anxious about how they will cope with the outside world and all of its challenges. That’s exactly why our Intensive Outpatient Program is so important. It bridges the gap between the structured environment of our residential programs and independent living.

We take a personalized approach to treatment

Individuals enrolled in our Intensive Outpatient Program attend therapy at Affinity Treatment Centers three to four days a week. Because each patient has his or her own individualized treatment plan, the specific length of the program may vary.

Our personalized approach ensures each participant receives specialized care that is catered to helping him or her return to a functional, healthy life.

Just as in our residential living programs, we balance the treatment methods in our Intensive Outpatient Program to best serve the unique needs and goals of each patient. This includes group therapy as well as individual sessions that focus on helping patients manage anger, guilt or shame, curb destructive impulses, express their thoughts and feelings, learn appropriate socialization skills, and form realistic long-term goals for the future.

intensive outpatient program - Affinity Treatment Centers

Participants are empowered to live independently

Participants in our Intensive Outpatient Program remain in our care while functioning within their daily environment at home, work, or school. This freedom allows the patient to apply the skills and coping strategies he or she is learning in therapy to real life situations. Upon completion of our Intensive Outpatient Program, our goal is for participants to possess the tools to regulate their emotions and tolerate distress, and to continue strengthening their interpersonal skills.

We encourage families to be active participants in each patient’s journey to mental and emotional stabilization. A healthy support network is an important part of post-treatment life and successful independent living.

For more information on our Intensive Outpatient Program, please call us at 760-917-1112