Using a holistic approach in a luxuriously therapeutic setting.


Affinity Treatment Centers provide a structured, therapeutic living environment for adults with mental, emotional and personality disorders as well as those with co-occuring substance abuse issues. We have an impressively qualified group of professionals who aredevoted to providing the highest level of therapeutic care in a uniquely elegant atmosphere. Our treatment program provides a diversified array of therapies and services that promotes autonomy as well as the opportunity to function within a group system.


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Highest level of 24-hour care

Because we employ an efficient staff of mental health experts and utilize and administer a wide scope of the latest therapies, we are able to quickly and effectively assess and respond to our residents needs. Affinity Treatment Centers is committed to not engage our residents in “busy activities” that have proven to be ineffective. At Affinity we have carefully chosen expert psychopharmacologists to administer our psychiatric services to ensure the best overall results for our patients.


50 years of collective experience

With services ranging from long term residential living to daily intensive treatment, we will customize the length of stay to our patient’s unique needs. Our administrative staff has 50 years of collective experience in successfully treating schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. Our carefully planned and furnished living areas provide the best environment to ensure our residents comfort and growth.