Professional Treatment of Mental Disorders
A Holistic Approach in a Luxurious Residential Setting

Affinity Treatment Centers located near San Diego provide a structured, therapeutic living environment for adults with mental, emotional and personality disorders as well as those with co-occuring substance abuse issues. We have an impressively qualified group of professionals who are devoted to providing the highest level of therapeutic care in a uniquely elegant atmosphere. Our residential treatment program provides a diversified array of therapies and services that promotes autonomy as well as the opportunity to function within a group system.

Mental Health Treatment Center in Vista, Southern California

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Treatment Modalities

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Mental Health Treatment Modalities Program

Balanced to best fit each patient

Treatment modalities are the ways that a doctor or administrative health professional treat a patient with mental, emotional, personality disorders or dual diagnosis. We focus on balancing  our treatment modalities in order to best treat each individual patient.

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Long & Short Term
Residential Living


Long & Short Term Residential Treatment

Inpatient Mental Health Facilities & Programs

Residents are welcome for as long as is necessary to obtain the skills for successful independent living. It is one of our chief goals to prevent the need to return to a higher level of care in the future by providing each individual with the tools necessary to be successful. We provide unique treatment plans for each patient which includes medication management, group and individual therapy as well as Low Enrgy Neurofeedback by Oshslab. This method reduces symptoms and helps the brain reboot while the patient works with our staff each day within groups and activities.

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Disorders Treated


Mental Health Disorders We Treat

highest level of 24-hour care for residents

Whether you are struggling with psychological issues, medication changes, or the added complication of co-occurring substance abuse (dual diagnosis), Affinity is able to structure a therapeutic program that will help you achieve stabilization and a better quality of life.




The Benefits of Residential Treatment

our Residential programs treat a wide spectrum of disorders

Residential treatment offers exposure to mental health professionals who offer supportive care and understanding. Affinity offers customized mental health treatment in a compassionate environment

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Yes! Affinity Treatment Centers takes most major PPO and HMO Insurance Plans. Reduced rates are also available. Please call for more information.


In most cases your insurance will cover all of the costs of our program. Please provide our billing department with your insurance information as soon as possible for a pre-authorization and/or explanation of benefits. We will work with your insurance company to make sure you receive the maximum benefit while you are treating with us.


Affinity has officially been accredited by CARF International.

CARF accredited - Affinity Treatment Centers

One of the few facilities in the country with a 3-year CARF accreditation. CARF accreditation means that Affinity Treatment Centers is committed to reducing risk, addressing health and safety concerns, respecting preferences of individuals (cultural or otherwise) and providing the best quality of care possible. Call now for a free assessment at 760-917-1112

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Meet the Doctor

Each and every member of our staff has extensive experience in providing integrated care for adults challenged by mental, emotional and personality disorders.