Family Therapy

Successful treatment for substance abuse requires a wide variety of mental health services. At Affinity Treatment Centers, we provide a full spectrum of services, including family therapy. Our family therapy can unlock new opportunities for healing and growth for our patients and their loved ones.

Why is Family Therapy Important in the Healing Process?

When people develop substance abuse issues, they often become withdrawn and distant from those around them. This can last for months or even years, which makes it more difficult for loved ones to realize that there is a problem.

Family Therapy - Affinity Treatment Centers

In the course of substance abuse, important relationships are often damaged. Under the influence of drugs or alcohol, an addiction sufferer may say or do hurtful things. In many cases, there were already significant communication problems within the family before the substance abuse began and these issues are only exacerbated by the abuse.

Family therapy provides a safe, respectful environment to begin restoring healthy relationships.

During family therapy sessions, relationships are rebuilt step by step. This is essential to a long-term, drug-free future. Emotional support from loved ones is perhaps the most significant resource a substance abuse survivor can have.

How Does Family Therapy Work?

Family therapy is a confidential process that may unfold in many ways. It often involves a mix of group and pair sessions: For example, a sufferer may be in a session with siblings and parents one day but with only one parent in another.

The purpose of this therapy is for each family member to “meet” and build trust with the sufferer. In many cases, an addiction sufferer feels burdened with secret or hidden things that must be expressed to each family member for healing in their relationships to take place.

Likewise, many sufferers take the opportunity to apologize for past actions and make amends.

The family therapy process is unique to each individual, and family members should go into it with no preconceptions. To make sure the process is beneficial to everyone involved, an experienced family therapist is present at each session.

The therapist’s role is to gently guide sessions so they remain productive and non-judgmental. This helps to ensure that family members feel comfortable being truthful with one another without letting emotions run too high.

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To leave substance abuse in the past for good, people need to build abundant inner resources. They must learn to cope with life’s challenges without the temporary “high” or other feelings they once sought out with the substance they abused. The family can be a central part of this learning and growth process.

At Affinity, all our treatment plans are customized to the needs of our program participants. We have both short-term and long-term options. Each client is provided with full support services and many types of complementary treatment modalities.

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