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People who suffer substance abuse and depression at the same time have a dual-diagnosis. This means the conditions occur together, making each other worse. The effects of substance abuse make it harder for people to cope with mental illness and can cause drug-induced depression.

What Are the Common Symptoms of Depression?

Everyone experiences occasional low moods. It’s normal to feel discouraged or sad if bad things happen. These feelings can be healthy even when they are potent. In a relatively short time, such feelings clear up without help.

Depression happens when a person suffers profound feelings of sadness or hopelessness. Such feelings interfere with work, relationships or school. They persist for two weeks or more and pleasurable experiences don't help.

Depressed people can suffer a range of other symptoms:

  • Loss of interest in hobbies and activities that were once enjoyable, often including sex;

  • Reduced appetite and difficulty or disinterest in basic life tasks like eating and bathing;

  • Difficulty concentrating or significant physical fatigue that does not improve with rest;

  • Isolation from friends, family members, and colleagues; socializing feels like “too much work.”

How Does Substance Abuse Make Depression Worse?

Those with depression are often tempted to “self-medicate” by taking substances like alcohol or cannabis. These can seem to briefly inhibit some depression symptoms. In the long run, however, self-medicating significantly increases risk of illness, injury, and death.

Over time, self-medicating can worsen depression. This causes many sufferers to fall into a cycle of drug-seeking behavior. This amplifies the destructive effects of depression on the sufferer’s life and can have devastating consequences.

In San Diego, the problem can be made even more serious by dangerous “designer drugs.”

Dual-Diagnosis Depression Treatment at Affinity Treatment Centers located near San Diego

For lasting wellness, most dual-diagnosis sufferers need personalized and professional help. At Affinity Treatment Centers, we offer a range of treatment approaches. Each resident receives 24-hour care according to a customized wellness plan.

Some of our treatment modalities include:

  • Medication management: Our experts ensure you consistently get the most effective therapeutic dose for you.

  • Small- and large-group therapy: We focus on fast-paced, empowering group sessions filled with purpose and meaning.

  • Vocational and educational development: Mental health conditions can affect the attainment of life milestones. Affinity helps you get back on track.

We also offer alternative treatments such as:

  • Structured fitness and competitive sports: Physical fitness can have a profound positive effect on mood regulation for sufferers of depression.

  • Therapeutic horseback riding: Horseback riding has been used for decades in depression treatment and can help sufferers make a connection with beautiful animals.

  • Art and music therapy: Self-expression is often useful in overcoming depression. We offer a variety of painting, sculpting and musical activities.



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