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Daily living support

At Affinity Treatment Centers, we utilize structured day programming to provide our patients with the stable environment they need to improve their independent living skills and ability to function as part of a group. What many of us consider to be natural self-care and social activities – such as bathing, cooking, reading a map, making new friends, or managing a budget – can be extremely challenging tasks for individuals who suffer from an emotional, mental, or personality disorder.

At Affinity, our goal is to provide the residents in our care with these tools so they can experience the joy and confidence of living independently.

Upon intake, we assess each patient on his or her ability to successfully perform activities of daily living. We use this evaluation to structure a unique program that will help the patient accomplish his or her goals as quickly as possible. In our long-term residential care program, we use a combination of small group sessions, individual psychotherapy, socialization, vocational and educational development, and life skills training to help all residents learn to build healthy relationships and achieve personal independence. Our daily living support includes, but is not limited to:


  • Independent living skills

  • Coping skills

  • Behavior management

  • Personal hygiene and self-care

  • Healthy boundaries

  • Organizational skills

  • Social skills

  • Reintegration