Co-Occurring Substance Abuse (Dual Diagnosis) Treatment

Mental illness can produce overwhelming feelings in sufferers. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other ailments can make people feel that they have little control over their own lives. This is especially true if they have not received appropriate care.

Co-Occurring Substance Abuse (Dual Diagnosis) treatment - Affinity Treatment Centers

What happens when mental health problems combine with feelings of helplessness or desperation? Substance abuse can arise as a result of efforts to self-medicate. For example, some mental health symptoms may seem to temporarily subside while abusing certain substances.

When these patterns of behavior converge, it is called dual diagnosis.

Dual Treatment Centers are the Answer for Dual Diagnosis Sufferers

People with certain mental health conditions may experience a few minutes of relief through abuse of some substances, but the situation soon changes for the worst. Using medications or alcohol in unhealthy ways leads to a spiral of self-destructive behaviors.

Ultimately, adding substances to any mental health condition will cause it to worsen.

By the time this is understood, however, chemical dependency may have set in. In these painful situations, patients require help on two levels: Separation from the substance combined with therapy and other treatments that will give them new coping mechanisms.

Ultimately, anyone undergoing treatment in a dual diagnosis situation must build more emotional resiliency. This is the key to ensuring that when future problems arise they will not feel drawn towards familiar destructive patterns.

A dual treatment center is the ideal environment for this multi-dimensional treatment.

Residential treatment is particularly effective in these cases because it provides a safe place to recover. With physical and emotional distance from negative habits, each patient has a brand new opportunity to develop fresh ways of looking at life.

Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Affinity Treatment Centers provides dual diagnoses treatment options tailored to individual needs. As one of the top residential dual diagnosis treatment centers in San Diego, we offer short-term residential treatment programs from dual diagnosis San Diego experts.

We work with clients from the Los Angeles and San Diego areas, including Vista and Bonsall. Each of our residents receives a personalized treatment plan including one-on-one and group support throughout the healing experience.

In addition to many forms of proven, conventional therapy, we also offer innovative treatments such as art and music therapy, equine therapy and more. A full range of different options allows us to provide a restorative experience for the whole person – mental, emotional and physical.

For those taking medication, medication management is a key part of our approach – ensuring the right therapeutic dose for optimal results.

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