Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in San Diego


Many people are familiar with the benefits of therapy, and they rely on professionals to provide support through difficult life events or to manage mental health issues. However, not everyone knows that there are multiple options when it comes to psychological treatment. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a treatment program that focuses on meeting specific behavioral goals in a limited period of time.

Unlike other forms of therapy, which extend over years and explore every facet of your history and life experiences, cognitive behavioral therapy is a hands-on approach that involves examining how your thought patterns impact your emotions — and how those emotions impact your behavior. Cognitive behavioral therapy seeks to help you adjust your thought patterns so that your emotions and behaviors change for the better.

The Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

There are definite benefits to finding the root cause of emotional issues, but traditional psychotherapy does not appeal to every client. For some, the solution-oriented approach of cognitive behavioral therapy is better suited to their interests and lifestyles. Trained therapists support you in transforming destructive thought patterns over the course of a year or less by focusing on specific emotional problems and their subsequent behaviors. You learn how to create thought patterns and habits that are healthier so you can meet your therapeutic goals.

Examples of mental health and behavioral issues that are good candidates for cognitive behavioral therapy range from anxiety and depression to post-traumatic stress disorder and eating disorders.

Getting Started With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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