What Is the Link Between OCD, Major Depression, and Anxiety Disorder?

OCD, major depression, and anxiety disorder are all very serious issues that can make even the simplest everyday task a struggle. While these individual disorders are hard enough to deal with, it can be even tougher if you are diagnosed with several of these ailments. This is more common than you may think, as all three disorders share a link that makes a diagnosis of more than one of OCD, major depression and anxiety disorder fairly common.

How OCD and Anxiety are Related

Around 25% of individuals diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder are also diagnosed with anxiety disorder. The two disorders are very strongly linked, with many of those with OCD constantly feeling anxiety over the looming threat symptoms of OCD making themselves known, such as obsessive thinking and compulsive actions. The knowledge that their mood and actions can completely change in the blink of an eye can create a cloud of anxiety that can be tough to shake. OCD can also cause anxiety for those afflicted with the repetitive nature of their thoughts, and the only way that the anxiety will go away is by seizing control by giving into urges, compulsions, and rituals. In this fashion, anxiety is not only a symptom of OCD but also can lead to the development of further symptoms of OCD.

How OCD and Depression Are Related

The link between OCD and depression is even stronger than the link between OCD and anxiety. Many people who are diagnosed with OCD also suffer from depression, with over 60% of those with OCD having at least one major depressive episode over the course of their life. While most are not depressed before the onset of OCD, the symptoms of OCD can wear on an individual over time and cause depression. The link between OCD and depression can also be explained by the fact that both disorders are a result of very similar factors, be it biological, psychological or environmental.

Treatment for OCD, Anxiety, and Depression

The close link between OCD, depression, and anxiety disorder means that treatment exists for individuals who have been diagnosed with two or even all three of these ailments. Instead of viewing each disorder separately, the treatment will take a holistic approach and attempt to treat all symptoms with a comprehensive plan. With a treatment plan in place, hopefully, the effect of the various symptoms of OCD, anxiety, and depression can be reduced, allowing the individual to lead a happy and healthy life.

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