Treating Schizophrenia and Substance Abuse

Unfortunately, mental illness and substance abuse are undeniably linked. While individuals with depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health disorders and illnesses struggle with addiction, those with schizophrenia are particularly prone to substance abuse. In fact, research by the National Institutes of Health found that 75 percent of individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia struggled with substance abuse. It is this connection between schizophrenia and substance abuse that makes it essential to offer dual diagnosis treatment, which works to treat both schizophrenia and substance abuse at the same time. At Affinity Treatment Centers in Vista, we offer dual diagnosis treatment to treat schizophrenia and substance abuse for individuals from throughout San Diego and beyond. To learn more, contact us today by calling (760) 817-1112.

Substance Abuse Can Make Schizophrenia Symptoms Worse

Schizophrenia has a number of devastating symptoms, including hallucinations, anxiety, paranoia, and difficulty concentrating. If you are diagnosed with schizophrenia and abuse of illicit substances, you can make already bad symptoms much worse. On top of that, substance abuse can lead to you forgetting essential tasks, such as taking medications on time or showing up to necessary appointments.

How To Treat Schizophrenia and Substance Abuse

Treating both schizophrenia and substance abuse requires a unique approach. At Affinity Treatment Centers we combine a number of different techniques and treatments to get amazing results. Below you will find some of the most effective treatments for schizophrenia and substance abuse.

  • Finding the Right Medication - One of the keys to treating schizophrenia and substance abuse is finding the right medication. There are a variety of different medications, so it is essential to experiment mixing and matching different medications until the perfect concoction is found. Finding the ideal mix of medications can greatly improve your quality of life and happiness.

  • Seek Therapy - Once the symptoms are effectively managed by medication, those with schizophrenia and substance abuse issues need to undergo therapy. The purpose of these sessions are to stay on top of medication demands and how well current treatments are working, improve your ability to effectively communicate, stay strong on the path to sobriety, and set easily attainable goals that can guide you towards success. Speaking with a professional can help you better understand schizophrenia and addiction, as well as develop a healthy mindset.

  • Reduce Stress - There is a connection between stress and addiction, as well as experiencing extreme symptoms of schizophrenia. Treatment aims to help you develop coping mechanisms to reduce stress, and find outlets for stress that are not drugs or alcohol.

  • Build a Support Network - If you struggle with addiction and schizophrenia, you need a strong support system in place. These are the people you can call or visit when you are feeling stressed, depressed, or vulnerable. It is important that your support network is educated in everything related to addiction and schizophrenia, allowing them to offer informed assistance to you in times of need.

Schizophrenia and Substance Abuse Treatment at Affinity Research Centers

Affinity Treatment Centers in Vista specialize in assisting those with schizophrenia and substance abuse issues to get sober and healthy, providing the best possible treatment to reduce symptoms. If you or someone you love struggles with schizophrenia and substance abuse, contact Affinity Research Centers today for dual diagnosis treatment. To learn more, contact us today by calling  (760) 817-1112.