Signs That It's Time to Seek Mental Health Treatment

Signs That It's Time to Seek Mental Health Treatment

Are you considering mental health treatment in San Diego for yourself or a loved one?

Mental disorder treatment is an important step for many people to live rich, fulfilling lives. A mental health diagnosis can help you understand the underlying causes of issues that may hold you or a loved one back from reaching life's full potential.

Mental Health Disorders

As there are many different mental health disorders, they can often go unrecognized. Sufferers might think they are merely “down in the dumps” or simply have habits that need to be changed.

When mental health problems are diagnosed, a world of new possibilities opens up. It suddenly becomes possible to control or eliminate their persistent symptoms. This gives many people a new lease on life.

What are the most common mental health issues people need help with?


Schizophrenia is characterized by the intrusion of fantasy and delusion into a person’s thoughts. Hallucinations, dysfunctional thought processes, and movement disorders can interfere with the sufferer's day-to-day life. Learn more about our residential treatment for schizophrenia

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder presents as a pattern of unusual shifts in mood, energy, and activity levels. It is usually characterized by swift changes between high-energy “manic” phases and low-energy “depressive” phases, each of which can last a considerable length of time.


Depression is a long-lasting and pervasive change in mood that interferes with normal function. It can emerge as feelings of sadness and helplessness, reduced energy, difficulty concentrating, and many other issues. Learn more about our residential depression treatment.


Anxiety is a persistent and exhausting pattern of distressing thoughts and reactions to a perceived danger. The perceived danger might be specific, such as social interaction, or it might be generalized. In severe cases, panic attacks are possible.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is a constellation of symptoms that arise after someone is in a life-threatening situation. That could include war, imprisonment, abuse, assault, and others. It often leads to depression, flashbacks, difficulty sleeping and concentrating, and a “hunted” feeling.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

OCD is characterized by excessive, intrusive thoughts that may require performance of repetitive rituals to alleviate. Fearful thoughts may require the sufferer to, for example, wash their hands repeatedly or organize belongings in very specific ways.

Mental Health Diagnosis in San Diego is Easier than You Might Think

When any mental health problem interferes with your daily life or that of a loved one, it is time to seek professional help. At Affinity Treatment Centers, we make diagnosis and treatment accessible. Our safe, welcoming environment is operated by industry-leading professionals using cutting-edge technology. To learn more, please contact us today.