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Although there are several types of bipolar disorder, the disease is always characterized by periods of high energy and euphoria – the manic state – and equally intense sad or disconnected feelings – the depressive state.

Now and then, everyone feels “low” for no obvious reason. Bipolar disorder isn’t just a brief change in mood: The phases can last weeks, months or even years. Both phases disrupt the sufferer’s life and can even be dangerous.

During the manic phase, sufferers might:

  • Feel intense elation accompanied by lots of energy, a high pulse and racing thoughts;

  • Overcommit to many complex projects because they feel like they can “do anything”;

  • Take risks that they might not normally take, such as gambling or even sexual risks;

  • Have difficulty sleeping, which can also contribute to nervousness and irritability.

During the depressive phase, sufferers might:

  • Feel “down,” sad, empty or hopeless – with little desire to go out or do anything;

  • Experience low energy accompanied by difficulty sleeping or by sleeping too much;

  • Have problems concentrating, remembering things or maintaining their commitments;

  • Suffer feelings of detachment or disconnection from others, even family and friends.

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Bipolar Disorder and Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis describes a situation where you suffer from two conditions, such as bipolar disorder and substance abuse. Bipolar treatment at Affinity Treatment Centers is especially tailored to locals of San Diego and surrounding communities in this situation.

Drugs can make the symptoms of bipolar disorder more intense. It’s important to address the addiction and the bipolar condition to produce the best results. Affinity offers a wide range of treatment options – each individual’s path to wellness is unique.

Personalized Residential Treatment for Bipolar Disorder in Vista, California

At Affinity, residents receive around-the-clock care in a supportive environment. All team members are experts in their area of health and wellness, dedicated to treating the whole person with care and respect. Some treatments include:

  • Medication Management: Medication management focuses on ensuring each resident is on the right medications and has an effective dose tailored to specific needs.

  • One-on-One Psychotherapy: Individualized therapy allows residents to explore trauma and issues of concern in a confidential environment.

  • Vocational and Educational Development: Mental health issues can interfere with development of important workplace skills and educational milestones. Affinity helps residents get on track with their life plan.

  • Small and Large Group Therapy: A streamlined approach to group therapy means each resident can fully benefit from relevant, effective sessions.

  • Life Skills Training: Mental health issues can introduce complex challenges with relationships, emotions and self-image. Life-skills training is focused on the resident’s areas of need and personal goals.


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