Alternative Treatments For Holistic Healing

holistic healing treatments

Affinity Treatment Centers offer a wide range of holistic and alternative therapeutic services to enrich the lives of our residents and provide the most effective level of care. It is our mission to deliver treatment that responds to the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the individual. In addition to treating the symptoms of mental and emotional illnesses, we want to expand the interests of our patients and help them find joy in each and every day.

The comprehensive care at Affinity includes:

sculpting & art therapy - Affinity Treatment Centers

Sculpting & Art Therapy

Individuals suffering from a mental, emotional, or personality disorder often wrestle with issues they are unable to put into words. We utilize art therapy as a way to allow our patients to open up in a safe and trusting environment. With its encouragement of creativity, art therapy can be an effective tool for reaching patients who are resistant to other forms of treatment.


aerobics and swimming at Affinity Treatment Center

Swimming & Kayaking

At Affinity Treatment Centers, we encourage our patients to get in the water and feel the therapeutic benefits wash over them. As part of our alternative treatment offerings, we provide opportunities for residents to partake in supervised water activities that help relieve stress and decrease anxiety, promoting a more relaxed state of mind.


Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Though equine-assisted psychotherapy is a relatively new iteration of the millennia-long relationship between humans and horses, it’s a rapidly growing field we’re excited to be on the forefront of. Research has shown that interacting with horses promotes lower stress levels and reduced feelings of anxiety and anger. For patients who struggle with social relationships, working with a horse gives them an opportunity to practice before applying their new skills in an interpersonal setting.

  • Cognitive exercises for brain function
  • Competitive Sports Program

  • Adaptive Water Color and Oil Painting

  • Transportation to out-of-area appointments

  • Special needs and requests

  • Spiritual opportunities from a Christian perspective